dark horse covers

A few character-centric covers I did for Dark Horse Comic’s Mass Effect series.


DVD speedies

Something I should really do more of…film studies. In this case the beautiful train wreck of Kingdom of Heaven.  I wanted to switch it up a bit and  challenge myself by only budgeting 10 minutes per sketch, just as an experiment.

life studies

Just a couple recent life studies.  These are great because they force me to figure out a palette before I start painting…something I almost never do, probably due to laziness and over-reliance on digital tools that make it so easy to add color whenever and in many ways.   However, because time is so limited in these (about 2 hours) fussing around with colors and values can really slow you down.  Getting at least a general feel for how to set up the skin tones and BG colors and values save a lot of time in the end. Sounds really simple, but I guess I’m stupid because it’s taken a while for me to embrace it. Slapping down paint looking for happy accidents, and figuring out the  palette as i go  almost always looks like shit with these, or maybe I am just not at that level yet. Anyways, I’m hoping it becomes more of a habit for my painting in general. More time front-loaded on an image in the planning stages almost always results in something better.