DVD speedies

Something I should really do more of…film studies. In this case the beautiful train wreck of Kingdom of Heaven.  I wanted to switch it up a bit and  challenge myself by only budgeting 10 minutes per sketch, just as an experiment.


10 responses to “DVD speedies

  1. Nice job! In 10 min thats great. Any general advice to approaching these within the timeframe? Selections to trace out quick shapes? I would probably get hung up on matching colors.

    • hey Jake, I didn’t really have a process for these, just tried to keep it fast and loose and make quick decisions. One thing I found that helped as I went through them was limiting the brushes I was using and trying not to waste time looking for the right custom brush. Instead I just used one ‘rough’ brush for texture, one soft brush for atmosphere, and the default round brush for blocking stuff in. As for color I just tried to get it as close as possible, and if it’s a bit off I wouldn’t worry about it.

  2. Nice, I love the simplicity that you kept these to. The thumbnails look like actual stills from the movie!

    Nice choice of movie too – I hope it was the Director’s Cut. 😉

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