another life painting – 2.5 hours.  may24_long_pose


revisiting an old one…

Every now and then I like to look at old work I’ve done (in this case about 5 years)  and sometimes I get the urge to start messing with things and re-painting. It hit me that this old sketch of a space warrior guy was horribly mediocre…pretty much a total disaster.    I liked the core idea of the image though, so I said screw it and repainted it from scratch.   Below are the old and new versions respectively….old_sketch



Anomaly went well – it was fun doing a demo, and although I was a little nervous painting in front of that many people I soon calmed down and got my act together.  There were lots of people to meet , and there were many excellent questions that I fielded.  Overall I’d say the night was a big success…