life studies

Just a couple recent life studies.  These are great because they force me to figure out a palette before I start painting…something I almost never do, probably due to laziness and over-reliance on digital tools that make it so easy to add color whenever and in many ways.   However, because time is so limited in these (about 2 hours) fussing around with colors and values can really slow you down.  Getting at least a general feel for how to set up the skin tones and BG colors and values save a lot of time in the end. Sounds really simple, but I guess I’m stupid because it’s taken a while for me to embrace it. Slapping down paint looking for happy accidents, and figuring out the  palette as i go  almost always looks like shit with these, or maybe I am just not at that level yet. Anyways, I’m hoping it becomes more of a habit for my painting in general. More time front-loaded on an image in the planning stages almost always results in something better.


6 responses to “life studies

  1. Daryl,

    Excellent. I notice on the last reclining white female drawing you started applying this very nice repeating pattern which makes me “feel” the contours of the shapes, and again I see it in these. I understand some artists would rather not talk about process, but are these created by brushes that you are carefully stroking over the form, or are they overlays that you manipulate into place afterward? None of the above?

    Anyways, I am inspired by all your posts, thanks for keeping this blog updated and motivating and teaching so many other artists by doing it.

    • hey brandon, they are just done by painting with a patterned brush and then warping them into place on a new layer, nothing too fancy. Just a little touch to bring interest to certain areas and give some texture.

      • Daryl,

        Great, well it is a nice touch. Overall your blog is a chief inspiration to me, when I see you putting up new posts it motivates me to get more active on mine.


  2. Daryl this are really nice studies man. love the fatty tissue on the girl and the detail focus on the fella.

    Take me life painting. Show me your secrets 🙂
    I need to do more studies!

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