city flight



4 responses to “city flight

  1. Its Amazing. I’m new to digital painting, I just stare at photoshop for minutes when I see a piece like this, It’ll be so depressing to the point where I’ll be unable to lift up d pen of my tablet. Sir, I know questions like these are not new to you, but I heard once from someone ‘if you ask the right questions, to the right persons, you’ll get a right answer’ sir my questions are: how do I start? How do I become better…thank you daryl, God bless you, I think you’re an amazing painter

    • hi meghams,

      well believe it or not even pros feel like that sometimes, so what your going through is natural, and will probably never stop no matter how good you get. It’s actually a good thing, as it keeps you hungry and motivated to improve your work.

      You’re questions are very broad, and I’m not sure if you mean how do I start a painting, or how do I start to become better? It sounds like the latter, so all I can really say is that you just have to pick up that pen and do it – that’s the first step. With art, unless you are some kind of mutant art prodigy, you’re going to have to work extremely hard to get anywhere. Set up a schedule for yourself, like a work out routine. maybe something like: 1 hour a day sketching from life, 1 hour painting a study, and finally 1-2 hours doing whatever you like. Try and be consistent with this and you’ll start to see results. Also, don’t be afraid to just paint very simple objects….you’ll probably learn more from trying to paint an apple that doing a crazy battle scene with tons of characters and stuff. Too many problems to solve can lead to frustration. hope that helps! good luck.

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