late night sketch



5 responses to “late night sketch

  1. Ha, modest as ever. You really are good that is beyond question. Your art has that felling of the just right atmosphere, especially the dynamics in your art. It is like they are saying : ” HERE WE ARE. WE ARE TITANS, SO COME GET US AND THEN SOME!”…. just keep it up.

  2. thanks for the comments! This one is simpler than it looks. Just a few shapes to find a composition, then overlaying some photo textures, and finally harmonizing the colors and final little adjustments. Took about 3 hours I think.

  3. A sketch? You are being modest my friend. Because your sketches are starting to look more and more like artwork, that being said; your art leaves me inspired and wordless more and more…keep it up you are bloody amazing.

  4. Wow, you had a productive night!! Looks very good, i like the Sci Fi look and the atmosphere! Kind of reminds me of a Cross between Star Wars and The great north Road(peter f hamilton), but it definitely has your unique touch! I really love it! Cheers! Have a nice Holiday!

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