Sit-to-stand desks

A slightly off-topic post – but I thought I would mention this to any other desk-bound artists out there. Sitting for long periods of time does horrible things to your body (just google it; it’s shocking). Over the past few years I’ve had problems with my back, wrists, knees, and butt…making working painful and difficult. I’ve tried a lot of ergonomic solutions and gadgets over the years, but I finally had enough and after a lot of research, bought a height-adjustable desk. I opted for the humanscale float table, and after a few months of waiting it finally arrived. And wow, it makes a HUGE difference to your comfort while working, I really can’t recommend it enough. It’s a nice feeling to actually be able to work for long stretches without being distracted by pain or numbness, and one that I’ve missed. Anyways, I know many of my artist friends suffer from prolonged sitting, and I’m sure many others out there do as well….so if you’re at your wits end like I was – give a product like this some thought. It could literally save your ass.



4 responses to “Sit-to-stand desks

    • I’ll see what I can do pic-wise. Maybe if I ever get around to cleaning my workspace up. As for the chair I don’t even know the brand…I just picked one at the store that felt good and had a lot of adjustability options.

  1. I’ve got to agree with you. Sitting for as long as artists do is pretty unhealthy/not to be taken lightly. I keep meaning to upgrade my studio setup (as costly as it might be). Thank you for the recommendation!

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