Face Off



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  1. strong, beautiful. Daryl, I know you get a lot of questions from aspiring artists as regards to painting as good as you, but I have a question (if its okay with you) ‘what’s the one question or questions you expect aspiring artists to ask you that never or rarely gets asked. Thank you! I think you’re an amazing painter

    • hi –

      what a great question.

      I’m not sure I have a good answer for you, but I’ll give you some thoughts. I get quite a few questions on techniques (how do you start, how do you do lighting, how do you do this and that..) This isn’t necessarily the most valuable information….since everyone has there own techniques and ways of working, and those methods are constantly evolving. It might be interesting to see how someone paints, but to expect you to just sit down and do what another artist does….it usually doesn’t work that way. I think if people really want to get at the heart of why they like a particular artists work, you have to look at the ideas behind the art, and what was going through the artist’s head when they are working. Figuring out ‘why’ is more important I think than ‘how’.

      The other area is more practical….the business of art. I don’t get many questions about actually making a living from this stuff. This may be because many might be hobbyists, or students and haven’t committed to the idea of art as a full-time job….but I guess if I were thinking about doing art professionally, I’d want to know all about my prospects, if I could support a family, how to save for retirement, how to get and maintain clients…stuff like that. As you get older, this stuff really weighs on your mind.

      Anyways, I took a stab at it – hope that helped, and if you have any follow up questions, feel free.


      • a young artist is influenced by a couple of factors, some could be helpful and positive, while others just have negative effects on the artist. One of these negative factors could be discouragement. if you may daryl, how does a young and budding artist deal with discouragement, emotional artistic lows, cos I’m guessing with your wealth of experience, you also may have faced similar situations and circumstances. It’ll be lovely to hear your take on this. thank you

      • The truth is, feeling of self doubt, and discouragement from various sources never goes away no matter how far along you are in your career. I still go through a roller coaster of artistic highs and lows, and every artist I know does too. I mean one look at CGHub, and you’ll either be utterly inspired, or suicidal – and probably a bit of both. There will always be periods where you question whether you’re on the right path – and all you can do is make the decision to stick to your choice and plow forward. So I guess my advice is, what you’re feeling is natural in this line of work, but just keep moving forward…that’s how winning is done! (To quote Rocky =) )

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