Lifedrawing 2012

I haven’t had much time to post any lifedrawing so I thought I’d do a little dump. This is stuff from this year, mostly 1 -2 minute poses I think. I’m a sucker for short poses, they really force you simplify things and think boldly. Good habits to promote I think.


7 responses to “Lifedrawing 2012

  1. Some good efforts my friend but you need to improvise a bit actually more on your skills. Try and include background lines and put stress on your curves. You tend to straighten them up. Go with the flow.
    Overall, good efforts!

    • This commenter has linked to our site (lovelifedrawing) but his inaccurate views don’t reflect ours at all. The drawings are fantastic and I love the movement and energy in them. Your lines are very expressive.


  2. Great mark making indeed and they show such good knowledge of human anatomy. What tool did you use? Is it vine charcoal or compressed? I quite like the contrast of hard and soft marks you’ve gotten with a single tool.

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