purple haze

Trying to slow down a bit and be a little more patient with these environment pieces, but maintain the energy.


4 responses to “purple haze

  1. Wow unbelievable as always! I would like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind. You may choose to answer them or not but any knowledge you can give would be greatly appreciated. I guess these questions are geared more towards your massive sci – fi city paintings.

    Here goes…

    How do you go about handling edges? Do you prefer to use the lasso for the major shapes? Or maybe custom shapes? Also what is your thought process about indicating form and structure (such as the buildings) without spending too long rendering details? Do you use the photo textures after you have established good silhouettes or do you use them to find the shapes of the buildings? I could go on and on with questions but I won’t…

    Thanks man!!

    • hey Keith,

      great questions. I use a combination of the techniques you mentioned. For major shapes and initial composition, I tend just to use a standard round or square brush, just to get the overall composition and mood. Then I tend to use the lasso tool as well as some custom shapes to further define the big structures. custom shapes are awesome, but I try and take some time and make sure they conform to perspective and make sense in the picture. you can then use them as masks to paint on top of or behind, getting some nice crisp edges. Much of the process is just layering elements into the picture, and either bringing them forward or backward in space, trying to fit everything together into the overall composition…it sounds slow and tedious, and that’s because it is – for me at least. Photo texture: sometimes I use this at the beginning to ‘break up’ the page and add quick texture, sometimes closer to the end when I am concentrating on details on just need a little bit of detail to sell a certain shape. I try not to overdo it or make it very obvious. Usually you have to paint over it a bit to get it to sit in your scene correctly.

      Does that help?

      • Yes thank you! I am glad to hear you say that this is a slow process. I feel I rush things a bit too much…I have these silly ideas in my head that things should be done quickly to get the loose impressionistic feel. I am beginning to figure out that is not the case…even with traditional painters. There is a lot of concentration and focus on keeping things loose even though it may take a while to finish the piece. It’s just something I am going to have to teach myself. At the moment I rush myself because I know I have a tendency to over render and kill most of the energy I had in previous stages of the process. It’s a hard battle!!!

        Anyways thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I really appreciate it!

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