Kotaku article, PC Rage

Woke up this morning to find this article on Kotaku. Very cool & thanks to Trevor for the heads up.

In other news, I was salivating over getting my Steam copy of Rage last night, only to find it’s an unplayable mess. Apparantly a lot of PC users are having the same problems, as the Steam forums are going bonkers. I guess this is one release I should have gotten on console…here’s hoping for a refund. Anyone play this yet? How is it?


3 responses to “Kotaku article, PC Rage

  1. I’ve been playing it for about 2 hours, I love the art direction and the game itself so far. Graphic-wise I expected a tiny bit more. But then again I’m much more amazed by overall art design / direction then graphics.

  2. I’ve had no problems playing rage yet, i’ve run it both on my home computer and work computer so far. My impressions so far:
    -The environments are gorgeous, they are both densely and believably populated.
    -the textures don’t look great up close, but how the scene reads as a whole makes up for it
    -the AI is pretty great, the enemies react well to being shot and they seem fairly aware of their environment

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