Crit Night Vancouver

I agreed to be part of Crit Night, which is happening soon here in Vancouver. It’s like a mini-workshop event where participants will have their work looked over by myself and Andrew Domo, as well as offer eachother critiques and advice. For more info and to sign up if you are interested in coming, check out the official website. Should be a good time!


2 responses to “Crit Night Vancouver

  1. Hey Jaime – that’s too bad. If there is another one of these things I’ll suggest some kind paid spectator option – I think that’s a good idea. Good luck at Cap, there’s a lot of great talent coming out of that place.


  2. I am ridiculously excited but am not allowed to attend as a paid spectator so I will not be able to go. (I asked) I am in a 3-year intensive program for Illustration and Design at Cap and can’t commit any time to outside work due to our incredible work load. So… unless I do the work ( which i have no time ) , then I can’t sit it. it’s unfortunate as i am a great fan of your works and would love to be there. I hope to perhaps catch you doing this again in the near future and… Vancouver.

    Always – Jaime

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