morning warmups

quick and dirty!


5 responses to “morning warmups

  1. Jesus christ mandryk, your “quick and dirty” wakeup sketches would be masterpieces by my standards… much admiration! These depress me though! 😦 How long did you spend on each one?

    • ceddo; probably no more than a couple hours each…if I go beyond that I usually get sucked into rendering and I’ll just kill the ‘sketch’ feel of it.

  2. hey David,

    thanks man….in terms of setup I run a i7960 with 12GB RAM and a wacom intous 3, and an older Cintiq. You can get by with less probably, and a cintiq isn’t really a deal-breaker, the regular wacom tablets do just fine. I often switch between the two, depending on what I’m painting.

  3. You amaze me yet again. I idolize you by the way and i share that fact with everyone.

    How long did these take you? And what are you running, computer, cintique?, and general process.

    I am curious because I plan to save up for the equipment and want to know roughly what I am looking forward to. if your sketches are this good I have alot of practice ahead lol.

  4. Sweet composition on the top left one! Maybe right heavy with that light and gun direction? Legs that spread might be rare for heavy guys like this but I actually love its effect. Bottom right has a lot of cool little things going on…light under the shell on the shoulder? Helmet feels so tough, reminds me of a tank window 🙂

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