here’s collection of speedpaints done over the last 2-3 days. I’m trying to get faster at these without rushing them. My goal here is really just to get a decent composition working by thinking abstractly, and engage the right-side brain a little more.


4 responses to “speedpaints

  1. thanks Jake,

    to answer your question, yes lots of custom shapes used to make selections which I then paint inside of…gives very crisp shapes and edged which I can then scribble overtop of to knock edges or fix what i feel isn’t working. Some scenes are a bit more planned than others, in the sense that I start with a loose goal in mind, ie futuristic city – go! others are much more random…just playing until something appears…these always seem to result in a more abstract image. for example bottom left vs bottom right….the left was much more off the cuff, and I think it shows…the right I had a stronger initial idea i was chasing. Really they are all different means to the same end goal, practicing composition …

    • I can totally see what you mean with your bottom pair – you generally get whats happening in the bottom left instantly, but expect less literal detail or explanation. I’ve done a few with only a loose goal to start from and its a very fun process if you can get in the zone 🙂 Keep it up.

      We need another human vs. bot action shot soon! Perhaps a tag team effort of some kind.

  2. So I realize you don’t need to hear it, but WOAH, awesome pal 🙂

    Very effective use of some shapes, I can see you’re enjoying them. Even in each one it feels like there are fresh combinations of tools and edges happening, lots of energy.

    Are you using a ton of filled selections as well as pre-made shapes? Have you been giving yourself a specific scene to try or just scribbling out loose compositions?

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