The ‘mature’ video game character

you know, I can’t prove anything, but my theory is the studios just kind of pass around one head model and tune the stubble slider. Maybe add some dreadlocks here or scar there….and call it a day. Just a theory. =)


14 responses to “The ‘mature’ video game character

  1. i can see were your coming from but its kind of dificult to do seen as the people in assassins creed and the force unleashed are actualy real people whos faces get put in to the game. it would be very beliavable if the two games came out befor the others but they didnt sorry

  2. Despite this, it’s still pretty cool how you can recognize each character easily and relate to each one differently from eachother despite having really similar features

  3. funny….you forgot Altair in this….he looks very much like the Dragon Age guy. What’s sad about all of this is how in real life, humans are so much more varied then these generic while males/females…..and ironically I think something fresh and different, would pop out of the crowd and maybe allow for an easier connection w/ players then the same generic while male in his 30s face….

  4. Good points Stu! People need relatable imagery that they want to emotionally invest in. And you’re right that the experiences differ vastly…Nico Bellic’s chacracter is extremely deep and thought out…whereas Sev in Killzone….not so much. And of course the game itself plays a part….nobody really cares about your emotions in an FPS since you as the player are meant to fill them in (the character is more a vessel for you). In that case, it makes sense to take the character out of the equation to make room for the player – case in point, Gordon Freeman. So I can’t really blame them, in many cases the character design supports the game design, which should always be the goal! I guess personally, I would love to just see some diversity in these ‘realistic’ titles.

  5. I think what’s kinda to blame is that the publishers who provide the money just want a character that’s easier to market than anything else. I find the stuff that happens AROUND the main protagonist can vary in levels of uniqueness/originality relative to the main character. As well, for some reason, everybody believes these characters are what everybody wants to see, AND…sorry to say but mainstream males OR females all look similar or the same save for some minor nuances. The same thing could be said about any Asian girl or any Caucasian girl that wants to look like Megan Fox.

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