10 minute studies

another shot at this idea, 10 minute speedpaints from DVD stills…a good work out!


10 responses to “10 minute studies

  1. hi Daryl,

    your work looks great.
    can i ask how you select your colors? is this from expirience? do you pick them by hand or do you get them from te still you select?

    i have some trouble getting the colors to look right. its not so much value but i seem to misjudge colors a bit. when for example i pick a color from a foto and i think is blue it turns out its a greyish yellow or something. but because its next to an orange, i percive it as a blue. of course this is not a big problem when you do have a foto you can refer to but i want to be able to rely more on my own understanding of color. do you know why this is and how i could practice pickin beter colors?

    great exercise btw. i will try this my self.

    thank you

  2. hi daryl! great work, man! i was just wondering, i was looking at the setup you have for your 10 min studies…. do you have the page you’re working on cut into sections like that, or do you compile them all after you’re finished? i gave this a try with a friend of mine, and i was AMAZED to discover how fast ten minutes can go by when you’re trying to finish one of these! LOL a great exercise! lots of fun! once again your work’s amazing, man! very inspirational! keep it up!

  3. I’m curious to what your methodology is for choosing which frames to paint? Is it random? -or do you cruise until you find something you like? I’ve thought about using a random number generator to pick a particular time in a DVD to paint -do you do something like that?

    • Yeah, just cruise around until something sort of looks cool…something with interesting lighting or composition. Any movie with decent cinematography usually means there is no shortage or stuff to paint.

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