Propaganda Games blows up real good.

My studio all but closed it’s doors meaning I have a lot of free time now. I’m looking forward to getting some free time to paint and am pretty excited about what the future might hold. Here’s a link if anyone’s interested.


9 responses to “Propaganda Games blows up real good.

  1. Hey Daryl, sorry to hear about the news. But I’m sure things will turn up pretty quickly for you. I hope you continue to create inspiring work within this short break 🙂

  2. Daryle, wow, so sorry to hear about this. I was laid off a year ago and it was a bit rocky but definitely a great time of art production! I doubt you’ll have much down time though, your work is too strong to be left unemployed for very long. Keep us updated. Cheers!

  3. damn that’s sad man wish you best of luck 🙂 but you know your stuff i hope you will be back on the horse doing some really crazy stuff in a much batter place.

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