OK, this is pretty sweet. This program is totally free, a whopping 3MB, and offers some pretty good sculpting tools. Best of all it uses adaptive tessellation, which basically means you no longer have to worry about edgloops or levels of detail, it becomes a much more organic sculpting process. It feels alot like you are just working with clay…adding and subtracting volumes, and carving out shapes. The interface is also quite intuitive and easy to pick up. I haven’t sculpted a whole character in years, but i might just take this to the finish line. This is after a couple days of work…starting from a sphere. No base mesh, no nothing, just pushing and pulling, and sculpting.

I guess pixologic has hired the guy who made this (good move), so if they can add a few more features to this, it could turn into something really mind blowing.



8 responses to “Sculptris

  1. Hello I am Tassio Franca!
    I’m from Brazil and here in Brazil we do not have many tutorials in our language (Portuguese) teaching how to use Sculptra … but I totally enjoyed this little program and I decided to create a site teaching the basics that I learned using Sculptra …
    I made some videos on youtube and posted on the site so that beginners have minimal notion of how to use this fantastic tool!
    Who wants to visit the site can access using
    or by visiting my channel on youtube:

  2. Thanks,

    I cant believe how quick that was to install and just sculpt. didn’t have to learn anything, its intuitive, how Zbrush wished it was! Turning on wireframe and watching the realtime tessalation blows my mind when I think of how long I have spent creating topography in the past!

  3. Hi Daryl,

    Can you elaborate on where you downloaded the free program ( I searched the pixologogic site to locate it, but no luck. I thought it might be titled “Sculptris” but
    could not locate it that way either. Great work- I enjoy your blog!



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