Daisho etc…

And here’s where the Daisho demo landed after several hours of rendering at home….


16 responses to “Daisho etc…

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  2. One of my all time favorite from you Daryl, absolutely amazing. Love the pose, rendition of the skin, the red war flags add a very interesting touch of color. Waiting eagerly for what’s next!

  3. Awesome dude!! THis is even better than I thought it would turn out! Love the realism in it. THere should be part 2 of the workshop to see u polish this up. This deserves to be on your primary website. it looks fantastic! 🙂

  4. Love where you took this bud, looks fantastic…pose was pushed more and nice clothing choices especially the gauntlets. I sent you email post workshop, it show up? I have a question regarding prints when you get time.

      • Thats odd Daryl. I have had problems with my hotmail and shaw emails before. I found your blackarts Shaw email so i sent it to that one. I didnt receive anything from you either so try jakecollinge AT gmail.com.

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