live demo

I’m doing a few hours of live painting and Q and A and a small local gallery.  If you want to ask me some questions and watch me scribble some stuff, don’t hesitate – sign up today!


4 responses to “live demo

  1. Daryl, I thought your workshop was really, really awesome – you’re authentic in both your teaching and the work itself!! Thanks for the great session and hanging so late too!

    My favorite part was the discussions of being true to yourself – following what you like to do and going deeper into it. It is a lifelong journey and feels great!

    Stay well,

  2. Hey Daryl, I was soo stoked when I saw this coming up! Seriously, if I had to pick a local artist for some Q&A it would be with yourself.

    Now that my month long trip has been cancelled, I found out that the event is alredy sold out! I’m definately going to try and work my magic to get in somehow so we can chat, but if not I’m sure you’ll have a blast!

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