I haven’t posted any gesture drawings in a while, so here are few recent ones. What do you guys do with all your old life drawings? Keep them? Trash them? Give them away/sell them? It’s gotten to the point where they take up such a significant chunk of my studio that  it’s starting to become an issue…


9 responses to “Gesturizer

  1. Just recently I had the same problem with a large amount of life drawing paper all over my studio. I took pictures of my favorites to have digital reference, then just said screw it and trashed them. Although, I am still on my journey growing as an artist quite a bit. So some of my earlier pieces are nice to look back at. In your case I think you could totally sell them, or the book idea is a good one. A professional landscape painter I know burns all of his poor work. Finished acrylic paintings.

  2. Great gestures! A nice display of flow and swoosh! What kind of material do you use? Charcoal? Conte?

    About the storing problem :O My closet is also getting a bit stuffed 😛 Just take some pictures and give them away or bundle them. Cheers

  3. I save them, but I take pictures of the memorable ones and just stack the rest. I have stacks of drawings (everything I’ve done over the last 30+ years), but I almost never have to go through it as I have a digital record of the better stuff. The rest will be for my kids to flame or frame after I die. 🙂

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