Always in between bigger paintings I try to do quick sketches to keep myself loose and have fun, and to remind myself that more polish  is not always better.  Here’s a fast robot from the other night.  


2 responses to “robo-speedy

  1. Dear friends, this art work they’re very fantastic and lovely, for me the best model and very pretty she’s Stacy E. Walker, but models like Taya Parker they’re good too, very nice this work and possible this year I will go in San-Diego tosee the comic -con , because I will go in July in Miami and in Lubbock -Texas, o.k, if somebody they want to write to me this is it my adress:
    Gianluca Pirrotta Montalto
    Multitienda 7/24 calle o’donell 42
    Madrid 28009 España-Spain
    and don’t forget always in Barcellona there is the comic con event !!!!!
    U.S.A, very nice I love very a lot Bllomington-MN , very nice, bye bye and don’t forget me not !!!!!!

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