keep it going…

trying to start doing life painting consistently again every week…we’ll see how long it lasts. This model could not hold the pose for the life of her….challenging!


5 responses to “keep it going…

  1. Inspiring work. I really appreciate your dedication. The quality of your work belies the effort you have put into practicing the fundamentals. I like the idea of trucking a laptop to a life drawing class. How do you set up your tablet and laptop. Do you set up a table, or something more elaborate?

    • hey Jay, it’s pretty basic setup. I turn a life-drawing bench on it’s side and use that as a table for the laptop. I sit on a fold-out chair and rest my tablet in my lap. It’s probably not the most ergonomical setup in the world, but it seems to get the job done. My biggest concern is getting a spot close to an outlet. =)

  2. Hey Mandryk! I’ve stopping buy your blog for the past several months and i always leave really inspired. I Love your figure paintings and how you show their bodies weight being distributed throughout the form. You teach figure drawing by any chance? Thanks for sharing your work.

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