life paint

here’s one from Sunday, 2.5 hours.  oct11longpose


7 responses to “life paint

  1. Thanks for the response. I went to this fun art workshop/performance last night and decided to give it a go painting live with a laptop and wacom. It was incredibly fun, and I worked sort of how I think you mean. Loose sketch, then building up low opacity, like washes.

    I saw your response this morning, next time I will try starting off in a nice color. The poses were no longer than 20min though, and they had on Butoh body paint.

    I posted 5 of my best 20min poses on my blog.

    Thanks again for the response, look forward to and WIP if you have time.

  2. Hey Brandon, no – but its possible that approach could work here as well. These start of much more gestural and painterly, sketching in the basic proportions and values, and slowly refining and sculpting. I always start them in color in order to try and get more life to the skintones. I will have to save some WIP shots next time and you can get a better understanding of the process.

  3. Excellent, you handle the forms well, and the colors have a richness that is often missing from digital work.

    Do you handle the blocking in and rendering much like in your character concept tutorial? That is blocking in a solid dark silhouette and rendering it out in increasingly brighter layers above?

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