revisiting an old one…

Every now and then I like to look at old work I’ve done (in this case about 5 years)  and sometimes I get the urge to start messing with things and re-painting. It hit me that this old sketch of a space warrior guy was horribly mediocre…pretty much a total disaster.    I liked the core idea of the image though, so I said screw it and repainted it from scratch.   Below are the old and new versions respectively….old_sketch



9 responses to “revisiting an old one…

  1. both great, but I’d say i like the first better. it has more character to it and looks more bad ass. don’t get me wrong though, the second one is excellent and extremely detailed. its great in its own way, but to consider the first a total disaster means my art is in trouble

    take care

  2. i love the 2nd one when i saw it 1st on CA but after looking at the old one i like that one more over the new one 🙂

  3. Out of the two I like the first one better because of it’s roughness. I love the color scheme you used in the 2nd one. Thanks for posting Darryl, I can’t get enough of this blog!

  4. Hmm sincerely i don´t see too much diferences becouse they are TOTALLY different. The first guy is rude with this beard and all this terracota and ochres colors all arround him. The pose is more of a warrior while the newest has the ellegance and arrogance of a prince. first one has a pistol and the newest no. but his sword is more advanced , more like tecno-future design.
    The oldest is more like conan the barbarian. both are impressive what else can i say i follow your work since the space opera challenge in CGtalk.

    best Regards.

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