mudbox 2009

I haven’t done anything serious in 3D in years, preferring 2D art for the most part. I dabbled in zbrush 3, but was ultimately turned off by the UI which was apparently designed by a sadist.

However, I was intrigued by Mudbox 2009, the videos made it looked promising, and I preferred its relatively straightforward WYSIWYG UI.

3D software has advanced so much in the last few years, it’s amazing to see the progress. Even on my 5 year old rig this software ran totally smoothly. This sketch was done in about 2 hours…something that would have taken me days back when I was doing 3D full-time.




One response to “mudbox 2009

  1. Nice mudbox sketch, it has a very H.R. Giger feeling to it.

    It’s true that Zbrush’s UI is designed by a sadist, I got into mudbox really fast, it was very intuitive and because it navigates like maya it saved a lot of getting used to a new set of keys to move around.

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