macbook life sketches

These were done on my macbook….  Trouble is, I haven’t painted with a tablet for a while, and the whole set up is very odd way of working for me – very foreign from my usual working arrangment.  So basically I’ve been sketching on this thing trying to get the hang of using it as an art tool so I don’t embarrass myself too badly at this event.  I decided to bring it to life drawing just to give it a shot and see what I could do.  I found out pretty quickly that doing any kind of linework is nigh impossible, but for painting it’s not too bad at all, if a little slow.   After some rough starts I seemed to get into the flow of things a  bit…I’ll have to give it another try next week.  Anyways, these are a couple 45 min sketches that I thought turned out half-decent.



6 responses to “macbook life sketches

  1. If those sketches are only half decent, I’m sure I’d be doubly awestruck by “decent ones.”

    I’ve yet to find a tablet PC that really has adequate sensitivity coupled with appropriate hardware (and consequently, a good price) for powering high-end painting programs. They still seem to be geared towards the travel moguls who need a digital memo pad.

  2. I hear tablet PCs can be dreadfully slow. I don’t have any first hand experience, though. Cintiq felt a bit funny to me, because it completely lacks any kind of resistance to the pen. The tablet is pretty smooth, but at least has a very slight grain to it, where-as the Cintiq is ultra glossy. I felt a little bit out of control when using it. May be personal preference.

    Either way, it probably comes down to comfort and confidence, which comes from repetition. If you get a chance to put a few life drawing sessions and still life speed paints under your belt, I’m sure you’ll be whipping it around like a ninja in no time ;P

  3. really great points josh….I’ll have to try a more specialized setup. There were many moments where I felt like I was just fighting the hardware. I wonder if a tablet pc or 12 inch cintiq would be better suited to this kind of thing.

  4. somehow i doubt you’ll have much trouble getting into the swing of things 😛

    i’ve been doing digital life drawing for about two years and i’m only now really starting to love it. i think the main thing that pushed me into approaching it with the same ease i do when using graphite/etc was setting up my rig specifically for the occasion. the space between good ol’ perception and technology needs to be so minimal as to never interfere- kind of like silence when reading. tool presets and transform functions tied to hot keys, along with customized wacom button usage for triggering those key elements, ended up being necessary to close the gap between creating and managing input.

    anyway, these look great. keep up the good work.

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