Custom brush foolishness

People tend to think I use a lot of custom brushes when I paint, but it’s really not the case. I do probably 80 percent of my painting with the standard round brush. A few chalky and painterly brushes round out the mix. I usually don’t use a lot of custom brushes when I paint, but I felt like trying something a little different and a bit more abstract.Fun stuff!



5 responses to “Custom brush foolishness

  1. Awesome work there, Daryl. I wouldn’t have expected something like this coming out of Custom Brushes – Did you have the controls set to Dual Brush to get that effect and the face was finished with standard brushes?

  2. Hey 7 – yeah it can come down to the effect I want to achieve, sometimes a custom brush is just what the doctor ordered. I do find them useful for something like trees in an environment, or repeated details…that type of thing.

    But if you were to look at a time-based pie chart of my brush use, most of it would be standard brushes. Probably because I spent most of my time blocking things in and sculpting shapes out – and the default round brush seems to do the best job at that stuff in my opinion.

  3. That rocks, love the color. I always thought that you do make use of lots of custom brushes, maybe it’s what you do at the end of the piece which creates this feeling… or you’re very good at detailing.

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