robo sketches

a few simple robot sketches to help pass the day. These are really relaxing to do – you can just play with simple shapes and values and have fun…kind of like building with legos when you are kid. If something stand out to me I can always render and refine it later until my heart’s content.


8 responses to “robo sketches

  1. I really like these robots you’ve created. I noticed that they are all gray in color. Ya I know they are made of metal so that’s generally the way things shape up, but I was just thinking it would be awesome to create a robot that was vividly colored and perhaps made of things other than metal….just a crazy idea from my brain.

  2. If you mean laying out perspective lines and being very accurate – I only use a a few perspective lines as a guide and work very loosely within them. I have a really loose idea in mind for most of them before I start the sketch…just the most basic of ideas – like in the bottom-right it was ‘squat and chunky’. Then I’ll quickly block in some proportions and basic shapes. I try to let what happens next be very organic….just pushing and pulling shapes around until they feel right…I’ll trim a bit off here, add a bit here….very much like sculpting. Every now and then I’ll just pop on the perspective lines layer and make sure things line up reasonably well. Not sure if that answer’s your question? I can try to clarify if that’s confusing.. =)

  3. These are awesome. When you’re working, are you consciously planning out forms and structure, or does that come naturally from having done it so frequently in the past?

    If charged with planning the basic structure of a mechanical figure like these, it’d definitely be a struggle!

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