Dark Horse stuff

I’ve been doing some work for Dark Horse Comics and it looks like it’s starting to trickle out.  Here’s the cover I did for issue 39 of Star Wars KOTOR.



7 responses to “Dark Horse stuff

  1. Hi, Daryl-
    GREAT STUFF! I’m new to your work. When I saw this cover I thought it was great. Your second Star Wars Kotor cover just appeared online today and when I saw that I thought, “okay, who is this guy?” So I looked you up. I’ve worked on Kotor doing some interiors and some covers. I haven’t done any digital painting but, man, I’ve got to get into it. I’m inspired and a little frustrated now.

  2. You really should post more info, did you just do the cover or the entire book? Imma pick it up if there’s more in there.

    I’m not sure about the positions of both characters, esp the guy on the motorcycle. However, the piece is great in terms of color and motion.

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