evening quickie

Trying my best to stay loose in PS…I made a conscious effort to not zoom in and to make quick decisions.


8 responses to “evening quickie

  1. For sure! I think that’s next step to take your work forward. Then you can sell those bad boys and it might lead you down a total new path to get into.

  2. Damn man!

    The “finalized” ones you make are great and they have a great appeal but these quick dynamic and instinctive ones are just fantastic. They have a lot of the “frazetta” feel of if you blink, the figure is going to be in another position.. u know what I mean?

    Great great stuff man



  3. I always liked your loose stuff a bit better. The range in tonal values is great and gives some awesome contrast. When are we going to see you do some traditional paintings? I know you could kill at it.

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